Goggles for Guppies
Brandon Sports & Aquatic Center, Brandon, FL
Lori Bukaweski
"We have an unprecedented commitment to youth drowning prevention and water safety education for both children and adults...and offer assistance to financially disadvantaged families in order for their children to receive basic swim instruction.  We are extremely excited about the suits that became available through Goggles for Guppies.  It is a pleasure to partner with an organization that shares in our mission to prevent youth drowning in those groups that are most at risk."
Roeper City & Country School, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Carolyn Lett, Diversity & Community Outreach Coordinator
"Dear Chris and Matt, The Roeper Make A Splash swim program sends you this warm note of appreciation for the swim suits.  Last year we had over 250 participants in our summer swim program.  Over 100 of these were Roeper Make A Splash participants.  Almost half of these families are low income. Gratefully, having received these swim suits from Goggles for Guppies enabled us to not add any further financial burden on these families.  They were most appreciative to receive beautiful, new swim suits that "fit".  Thank you for "paying it forward" and sharing your generosity by making this program available to us."

Treasure Valley Family YMCA, Boise, ID
Jim Smitt
"Chris and Matt, We love Make A Splash and our partnership.  We are now up to 22 of the lowest income schools and their 3rd Graders coming to the Y for Make A Splash during school time.  The stories from this program are wonderful and the stats to back them up are impressive.  We have had a backyard pool rescue of a 3 year old, with a reaching assist by an only slightly older girl from our program.  A Congolese boy terrified of crocodiles in the water is now swimming 25 yards, treading water, and jumping off the diving board.  Teachers say both behavior and test scores are improved!  This is a fabulous collaboration.  No child should drown in this country because they did not learn to be safe around the water and to swim.  Thanks to Goggles for Guppies!"
"No child should drown in this country because they did not learn to be safe around the water and to swim."
                        -  Jim Smitt, Treasure Valley YMCA
What Others Have to Say About Goggles for Guppies
Greater Columbus Swim Team, Gahanna, OH
Steven A. Nye
"Chris and Matt, I cannot tell you how helpful these suits will be for our program.  Many of the kids coming to us are in cut-offs, shorts, and suits that either do not fit them or are almost totally worn out which causes added "distress" since they don't feel comfortable in what they're wearing.  They don't seem to feel that they even look the part of a swimmer, so we have that do deal with on top of any other apprehensions that they might have.  Being able to provide them with properly fitting suits assuredly helps them feel much better about themselves, makes them "look the part" even more, and truly adds a bright spot to that first day to help them get into the "swim" of things...We think we're just teaching kids to swim but their smiles and the smiles of their parents tell us so much more.  I'm sure you know the feeling you get when a parent is SO happy to have had this opportunity for their child that they are simply crying when they tell you what it means to them.  A tear of joy in someone's eye is no small accomplishment in life.  It is obvious that you know of the importance that providing this opportunity has in their lives, so I want to thank you and your supporters VERY much for the help you've provided to our program and to these families.
YMCA Of Greater Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Laura Ferguson, Association Director of Program Development/Risk Management
"Dear Chris and Matt, I just wanted to thank you for the kind gifts of swim suits for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte.  These will go to great use as we continue to reach out to our youth through our Community Swim Academy program where we teach hundreds of our lower income children free swim lessons each year.  These children would otherwise not have the opportunity to take such lessons and lack the financial means to afford a swim suit.  This donation is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!
Stratford Richardson YMCA
Mr. Saunte M. Burton, Aquatic Coordinator
Dear Chris and Matt, I would like to thank you for the generous opportunity to obtain swimsuits for preschool and youth in need.  We serve hundreds of preschoolers and youth who do not know how to swim and lack the financial means to purchase lessons and a proper swimsuit.  the Stratford Richardson really appreciates this donation and it will be greatly used!  Thank you again for the incredible work your organization does across the country."
"Thank you again for the incredible work your organization does across the country."
                        -  Mr. Saunte Burton,
Stratford Richardson YMCA 

Ray and Joan Croc Corp Community Center, Quincy, IL
Nanette Johnson, Aquatics Specialist & Swi Coach
Dear Goggles for Guppies, we want to thank you again for your dedication to making our kids safer swimmers.  Without proper swim wear it's hard to educate swimmers on water safety n the pool.  Our Water Dragon's Pre-Competitive team has really grown this year. With Goggles for Guppies we have been able to reach more swimmers in the areas of safety and fitness.  Our team also has 4-5 special needs swimmers.  Having the suits and swim caps allows our parents and swimmers to relax and just enjoy their time at the Kroc Center. For many families the cost related to swimming can be too much.  With your help we can wrap that up and make them look and feel like professional swimmers.  THANKS!
"With Goggles for Guppies we have been able to reach more swimmers in the areas of safety and fitness"
                        Nanette A. Johnson
Aquatics Specialist/Swim Coach
The Dive Spot, Abilene, TX - Annual Mission to Uganda
Lorraine and J. Wilson
Dear Chris and Matt, Thank You!  The swim suits you sent with us to Uganda were exactly what we needed.  We had "swim costumes" as they're called there, for everyone who participated in the water safety lessons for days 1-3 and most of the kids on day 4.  Some of the boys swam in their own shorts that day, but we gave them goggles.  Gratefully yours, Lorraine and J. Wilson.
Aquatics Center - City of Sumter, SC
Peggy Kubala, Aquaitcs Center Manager
Dear Chris and Matt, On behalf of the City of Sumter Aquatics Center and the City of Sumter, I want to thank you for your generous support in providing suits and goggles for the Learn to Swim program at our facility.  Without the suits, many of the children in the city would not be allowed to swim in our pool.  We live in a low income area and through your program are able to teach about 1000 children not only in our community but also in our school system how to swim and to be safe in and around the water.  Again, thank you for your work with Make a Splash and helping to make it possible for all children to learn water safety and how to swim.  We appreciate all you do.
Katy Aquatics, Katy, TX
Cynthia Stubbins,  SwimAmerica Director
Dear Chris and Matt Hales, On behalf of Katy Aquatics, I would like to thank Goggles for Guppies for your generous support of our organization.  We are very grateful for your help in providing our learn-to-swim program with 20 swim suits.  You donation has directly impacted our SwimAmerica program and their families.  The objective of Katy Aquatics is to continue educating the public on the importance of teaching children the life saving skill of swimming and water safety...your generosity and commitment towards youth swimming is sincerely valued.
"Thank you for doing more than your part of being part of the solution"
                        Craig Cerro
President/CEO San Gabriel Valley YMCA