Goggles for Guppies
 Athletes Working to End Childhood Drowning in America
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Manufacturers and Retailers:  We Need Your Help!
Your unsold inventory of swim equipment can encourage underprivileged families to provide their children with swim lessons - a skill that may one day save their life.

This is a win-win opportunity! You can donate your left-over caps, swim suits and goggles to Goggles for Guppies and receive an income tax credit for your charitable donation. We do the rest by distributing your donations to learn-to-swim programs from Coast to Coast.  What you don't sell may save a child's life! Contact us for more information.
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Dear Chris and Matt,

We just received our first box of swimming suits...and we're amazed at the quality!  It was like Christmas!  We don't know how you do it, or how many arms you have twisted to arrange these deals, but we are VERY grateful for the swimwear.  Every week, we have dozens of kids that show up without anything like a swimsuit...and this donation begins to ease that problem for our low-income Maryvale community.  You are doing a good thing.  Keep it up!

David Wells
Community Initiaves YMCA
Phoenix, AZ