Goggles for Guppies
 Athletes Working to End Childhood Drowning in America
  Every Day Two Children under age 15 Drown Somewhere in America

Statistics produced by the University of Memphis and the USA Swimming Foundation support the unacceptable facts that 70% of African-American children and 60% of Hispanic children do not know how to swim. More than 40% of Caucasian children have little or no swimming ability.  The majority of these kids come from underprivileged families.

What began as a local effort to help encourage disadvantaged children to learn to swim has grown to become the national equipment distribution engine for the USA Swimming Foundation and a provider of free swim equipment to underprivileged children throughout America. If you are a manufacturer or retailer of swim equipment, this is where you can help.  If you are a provider of swim lessons for disadvantaged kids, you're in the right place.  Together, we can put an end to childhood drowning in America. 


Matt and Chris Hales, Founders of Goggles for Guppies